Oregon’s Own is a Salem-based boutique operation that produces full-flavored tomatoes year-round.  We grow over 15 varieties of unique beefsteak, paste, and small-fruited tomatoes both outside and in a hydroponics-based greenhouse system.  The tomatoes are picked at the peak of ripeness and delivered within days to the customer.


Oregon’s Own does all this in an eco-conscious manner and champions local sustainment efforts.  Our scientist and engineer teamed up to invent a continuous-flow hydroponic system that uses photo spectronomy to measure mineral content and allow us to re-circulate water versus dumping.  In addition to minimizing our environmental footprint, our products are grown in and operate out of Oregon exclusively, eliminating dependencies from outside supply chain sources.  


We invite you to taste our tomatoes and enjoy that farmer’s market tomato goodness any month of the year. Online ordering/easy pickup locations.  


Full-flavored; year-round; farm to table.

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